Dead-simple API

API documentation

Simply put this HTML wherever you want to show the logo:

<img style=”max-width:300px;max-height:150px” src=”{domain}/logo”>

<a href=”{domain}”>Suggest a better logo</a>

  • Replace {domain} with a domain of the website from which you want to scrape a logo (without http://).
  • As sizes of logos might vary, we recommend to set max-width and max-height for the img tag.
  • Let your users suggest a better logo if needed. Simply link them to our site. We need to manually approve all suggestions, so it may take a few hours for logo to be replaced.
  • You can use onerror attribute for your images to handle missing logos.

Logos not showing?

Here are the frequent reasons:

  1. Your website isn’t approved. Join the beta to get ScrapeLogo for your site. Due capacity limitations, requests for logos from websites not in our list are disabled.
  2. You are using SSL on your site which doesn’t support HTTP referer. This could be solved by creating a proxy on your server.
  3. Your subdomain is not whitelisted (we automatically whitelist only the domain and www subdomain)

Request scheme

  • In order not to distract your users, an empty image (1x1px transparent png) will be loaded when no logo is found.
  • Requesting a new logo we haven’t scraped before might take around 30s to process (which would slow down loading your page). Therefore we recommend to request a logo at least once before showing it to your users.  You may want to consider creating an admin page showing all logos you need. Not only can you make sure the logos are cashed but also you can suggest a better logo if needed.